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Why investing in your business tools is like buying a parachute

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It seems like an odd comparison, but deciding which business tools to invest in is a lot like buying a parachute — a comparison perfectly demonstrated by the Volkswagen car advert below.

See if you remember it…

Volkswagen. Well worth it advert Parachute from Factory Studios on Vimeo.

The two men are going skydiving and have a choice: to opt for the safe and tested parachute made with years of experience, or a discounted option that’s not as good or thoroughly tested.

Now to clarify, the point I’m trying to make isn’t about pricing. It’s more about settling for something mediocre when in reality you need something remarkable; something that goes the extra mile and leaves you feeling confident in your decision.

After all, you can compromise on a lot of things but compromising on a parachute could be the difference between life and death.

What’s that got to do with your business?

In the same way a skydiver can jump out of a plane with a mediocre parachute and survive, a business can “get by” with mediocre tools too. The question is: when things go wrong and you really need that parachute to work, can you wholeheartedly and confidently rely on it to stop you from falling?

Just like a parachute to a skydiver, your business needs the right technology & tools — along with the right partners to implement them — in order to survive, work at its peak and succeed.

We’ve worked with so many businesses owners, financial directors and managing directors who rely on outdated technology & tools that haven’t scaled with their business’ growth. Eventually (and inevitably) they end up hitting a brick wall because their tools no longer help the business achieve its goals — they hinder it instead. Here are a few of examples…

  • The financial director who spends her time trawling through disconnected spreadsheets and limited accounting software to get the data she needs, meaning she can’t use her time effectively on more important tasks.
  • The operations/warehouse manager who can’t accurately order new stock because they cant see accurate inventory.
  • The customer service and sales teams who can’t provide accurate, real-time information to customers because the data isn’t on an easily accessible centralised database.

In these scenarios, investing in the right tools — an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for instance — would take your business to the next level by helping your people to work better, getting more out of your resources and creating efficient workflows that save time.

Importantly, it would allow you to make confident decisions every day because you trust in the technology backbone of your business.

That’s ultimately the difference in settling for mediocrity over choosing something remarkable: the peace of mind, confidence and faith that you’re well looked after.

What parachute do you choose?

For a friendly, no obligation chat about what enterprise resource planning software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and CRM can do for your business, please get in touch.

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