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Why teamwork is the most important part of your ERP implementation

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Following on from our last post about what we expect, we wanted to talk to you about TEAMWORK. Provider and customer both have a duty to carry out an ERP implementation together. After all, neither of them can do the job alone.

Some companies can be a little wary of their ERP provider. Afterall, they are investing a lot of money in us – they have to get their moneys worth, right? They are critical about the quality of the consultants, the experience of the project leader and the functioning of the helpdesk. Which is justified, because the quality and experience of the provider are critical factors for the ERP implementation (did we tell you that on a recent Customer Feedback survey 100% of our customers said that they were satisfied with out helpdesk support?)

But this is only one side of the story. Can this way of reasoning not also be applied to the customer? What if the customer provides insufficient quality and experience? What if the internal project leader is a beginner? What if one of the future core users is against the new system? This is asking for trouble!

Companies demand good consultants and want to meet the project leader before the order is final. But on the other hand, it is also very sensible that the provider sets requirements for the key users. Like conceptual thinking, support in the department and a generally positive attitude with regard to the new system. Aspects that are easy to capture in a profile description. And that can be tested beforehand.

What if this quality is not available, I hear you think? Then there are two options. Not implementing or recruiting external people who do possess the necessary skills. And yes, this may cost you, but not as much as a failed project. If we really want to get rid of all those mediocre ERP implementations we also have to dare to acknowledge this aspect.

Only if provider and customer provide sufficient quality, experience and effort an ERP implementation can be successful. Provider and customer have to carry out the implementation of an ERP package together

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