An overview of our Fantastic Solutions for the world of Finance

Solutions designed to enable your team to power through their workloads 

Your Finance team is critical to powering the business forward.

We furnish them with solutions that wipes out their workload. 

Fundamental to Success

We have a range of solutions that help your finance team power through their workload. 

Finance teams are increasingly under pressure to provide more information, offer more flexibility and to do so with the same headcount.

That creates for a lot of pressure, especially when they must keep isolated systems updated and somehow join the data and create meaningful insight from it all.

 We relive that pressure and provide the solutions & integration that makes all the different to the team. 

What we offer

Finance is the heart of any company.

We amt them to have the solutions that make their lives more productive and less stressful. Whatever industry you are in.

Core to every one of our clients is a Finance system, so we've working in many different industries. 

However, we also have a set of pre-built Apps that meet core needs and a specific skillset of integrating front office system to finance.

These are highlighted below.




When you have dozens or even hundreds of companies to work in, keeping in control of all the daily activities gets very complex, expensive and time consuming.

Dimensional Companies replaces the traditional high maintenance approach of working in individual companies.

With this solution, you will have a process centric way of working across your companies. Enabling you to get considerably more done with far greater visibility & control.


Loans Express speeds up your application processing from days to minutes.

It is a complete customer acquisition, account management and collections solution.

It delivers cradle-to-grave functionality across the contract lifecycle for automotive, asset, leasing and lending organisations.


Financial Lease Express allows you to purchase lease assets for your customers and control the series of payments.

It is a complete Financial Lease Lifecycle Management solution.

With all information in one place (contracts, portfolio, payments, reports, etc.) and all in Microsoft’s simple to use interface.

It is integrated to Microsoft Office 365 and has the power to handle large volumes of data.


Funding Express is one source for all your deposit management processes.

It helps finance your operations to achieve your goals.

It is a sophisticated deposits and funding management solution which provides actionable insights that support you in decision-making process.


Manage your “Buy now, pay later” sales from one system.

Installment Sale Express offers you the option to purchase your item or services over time through a set number of regular payments.

It is a sophisticated solution to control your day-to-day transactions which provides actionable insights that support you in decision-making process.


We have speeded up the processes in different areas of the finance industry.

Please view the summaries below or get in contact to discuss these or your own specific solution.



Provide your Finance team with a solution that frees them from high workloads from manual entries and unreliable interfaces to your front office systems.

With proper integrations your General Ledger can become a reliable and trusted source of data.

While maintaining links to your front office insurance management solution, we can build reports & dashboards that combine all the information you hold about your customers, insurer, product, etc. 


Based on our Dimensional Companies App, our experience of companies with hundreds of investment companies (funds) will empower you team to look after an increasing portfolio without breaking a sweat.

Different VAT Groups, Reporting structures, approval workflows are all included in this solution to help your team stay on top of their workload with wonderfully greater ease. 


Our Wealth Management solution has all the functionality you need to view the finance situation in a client centric way.

Easily view the client's portfolio, send relevant documentation, and update their details from one system. No need to wrestle with separate spreadsheets and other isolated systems.

With everything in one system, getting company wide information and financial reporting is simple.

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We are here to get more done. Daily.

Seeing the time saved once the solution is installed has compelled us to create & source fantastic Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Extending your solution without compromising on getting timely upgrades.