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University Property Management

Automate processes, maximise occupancy levels and manage your tenants effectively

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Take away the frustration from managing your properties, lease contracts & maintenance tasks

Tennant Satisfaction

With our property management solution you will be able to improve the Tennant experience by:

  • Streamline your tenant contracts
  • Efficiently manage maintenance issues
  • Provide a self-service portal
  • Control common area maintenance fees
Reduce Operational Costs

With everything you need controlled in one reliable software solution, you will remove wasted time from all your processes:

  • Contract Management (with e-signatures)
  • Invoicing your services & leases
  • Expense management
  • Reporting and analysis
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What it help you handle

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Key Features

Track and manage lease information
  • Set up & email multiple leases per tenant and multiple units per leases
  • Assign numerous terms and charges to leases
  • Track property information for buildings and units
  • Create various types, categories, and classes for detailed leases
  • Manage lease contracts:
    • special conditions and events;
    • unlimited number of services and
    • leases; multi-currency
  • Track meters and bill accurately
  • Use predefined templates to speed up new contract preparation
  • Attach electronic documents & floor plans in context of your building record 
Build flexible pricing
  • Define prices for a particular service and / or lease and for different periods
  • Calculate service amounts using different scenarios:
    • by leased area,
    • by counters readings,
    • by turnover or
    • for a fixed fees
  • Calculate service price as a percentage of other service payment amounts
  • Set upper price limit for services on a contract level
  • Apply a price index as required
Easy to access real time reporting and statistics
  • Analytical and financial reporting by territory, building, sites, units, etc.
  • Detailed rent & lease status reports
  • Sales & Vacancy reports
  • Pre-built & custom dashboards
Manage your potential and existing customers
  • Capture and track all tenant details and communication history in one system
  • Set up detailed invoicing and payment plans
  • Access posted and pending documents quickly
Control fees for services & utilities
  • Calculate and charge Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees
  • Maintain a property maintenance history
  • Use work orders for tracking and managing service calls
  • Use flexible expense tracking and recoveries
  • Track property taxes and insurance information
  • View accurate service call costs
Benefit from integrated financial accounting
  • SOFT4RealEstate offers you rich accounting functionality in addition to the extended property management functionality.
  • With highly efficient accounts receivables tracking, you can easily create complete building, unit, lease, and tenant records to invoice your clients
  • Manage overdue debts using debts aging reports, specific reminders, calculate financial charges and fees

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Seeing the time saved once the solution is installed has compelled us to create this tailorable solution as an Extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Extending your solution without compromising on getting timely upgrades.