Making the difference for your business to flourish

Removing hype. Adding simplicity.

We are driven to help businesses get more done. Daily.

We believe - and have seen - that any business will operate faster and with greater agility when they are supported by the right software and an experience partner.

When you have simple & understandable processes that are supported by the right business software and automations. Your managers are better informed, your users are more productive, and the business run smoothly and more profitably.   



Akhtar Ahamed

Sales & Marketing

Akhtar Ahamed - Sales & Marketing

Akhtar has traversed the world of Dynamics for over 20 years with Cbiz.

Starting out as a young recruit in the support team Akhtar's adaptability, financial knowledge, honesty and customer focus allowed him to progress through the company and discover new roles.

Because he started in support and has been consultant & project management for many years , Akhtar brings a relatable customer first approach to sales.

He prides himself on his customer relationships, pragmatic approach and lack of patience for 'waffle'.

He has helped drive our growth and we have helped many more customers because of his spirit and drive.

Amit Wason

Managing Director

Amit Wason - Managing Director

Amit has a passion for technology and trying out new approaches. 

As an Engineer, he is keen on figuring out how technology works and how IT reduces effort and increases effectiveness

Having been incredibly impressed by Business Central (while on the first UK course in 1994 - along with his dad and brother. Amit (and the family) have been involved with the product continuously since then.

He has put his hand to each role in the company and now sets the vision for the business.

His main roles are now looking after the team, keeping on top of the technology landscape and ensuing our customers succeed.

Ian Poyser

Operations Director

Ian Poyser - Operations Director

Ian has been working with Manufacturing software solutions for over 30 years.

This makes Ian the second most experienced member of the company with a huge breadth of knowledge.

Ian's forte is helping customers and the team to fully understand the problems faced and he loves to find solutions to them.

Ian was previously the owner of Green Glen (who Cbiz merged with) and worked with MFG Pro in many large manufacturing sites in the UK and abroad.

His ability to understand complex problems & find simple solutions - coupled with his "people first" care - has helped our customers and us grow with greater ease

Find out how we ensure you get the software your business deserves.

Call us on 03300 882 515 and ask to talk to someone that has the knowledge & understanding to help.

We will be happy to hear from you and promise that you will not be hounded by pushy salespeople.
We don't like those kinds of tactics and we don't believe others do either.



Focussed on Business Central since 1994. 

As one the of the first UK partners in Business Central, you are safe hands. Few partners have more experience than us.

It is our rich and varied experience - gathered over many hundreds of projects - that benefits each of our customers' businesses.

Our unflinching history on the supremely flexible Business Central software alongside our 'project' mindset form the foundation that sets us apart.

We believe in the and usable power of Business Central and obviously use it ourselves to drive our business processes and analytics.

As one the of the first UK partners in Business Central, you are safe in the
knowledge that few other partners have more experience than us.

It is this rich experience, gathered over thousands of projects, that benefits
each of our customers' businesses. Our unflinching focus on the supremely
flexible Business Central alongside our 'solution' mindset forms the
foundation that sets us apart.

We believe in the agile power of Business Central & the Power Suite and use it
ourselves to drive our business processes and analytics.

Responsive and Methodical 

Everyone wants "On Time, On Spec. and On Budget"

However, it is often a journey - with a few bumps along the way.

As we dig into your barriers to optimal performance and uncover how your business does things, we will discover things not previously discussed. It is a natural part of any project.

Rather than being rigid and inflexible we have a proven methodology that ensures we get the project done while being able to respond to the challenges that we will inevitably face.

We do this in a calm, forward looking way. We offer options, advice and keep the project moving towards its goal.

A partner to go far with

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

We have repeatedly proven how true this proverb is in terms of project delivery.

Not only do we consider "going together" with our customers. We follow this partnership approach in our business,

Allowing us to focus all our efforts on what we do best, delivering impactful solutions with caring & responsive service.

 We work with several partners to deliver seamlessly on projects. These partners include other (non-Business Central) Dynamics 365 partners, Cyber Security experts and IT providers.

We are team dedicated to making a lasting & positive impact on your business

The Challenge

Every business needs software to get things done. But choosing the right one is filled with pitfalls.

There is so much information out there that trying to make the "right" decision is stressful and confusing.

The industry does not help by implying there are perfect solutions and employing (even rewarding) salespeople to give promises that their team cannot deliver on.

We are different. Always have been.

We know it is a commitment and a leap of faith to improve your business. We believe your partner must also be committed to project success and honest from the start. 

Our Solution

From the first interaction, we try to understand what it is that you really need. As a business and as a team.

We focus on building a relationship, not just software. While we know people are far harder to change than software, we ensure we find the right balance of off-the-peg and tailoring functionality for your perfect fit.

We ensure the solution you get is as close to "off-the-peg" as it can be. While also providing your users with the most effective solution for them and your budget.

This is not easy, and it is why so many try to force you down a path that suites them (as a partner) and not you (as a unique business and team). 


We support your business transformation from the initial conversation, and we will continue that honest support for decades to come.



When we start discussing what your business needs you will start to experience our 'customer first' experience.

You'll have meaningful discussions with consultants (not pushy salespeople).

We will understand why you are looking to take a leap in productivity as well as how.

This forms the foundation of a long-term partnership and ensures that your aims and our solution are aligned.

We will normally provide a short and readable "budgetary investment" estimate during this stage. 

Product & Partner Selection 

There is so much choice and so much conflicting advice out there.

This is where it gets complicated and just carrying on as you are (and not deciding) seems easier.

Don't give up and don't get fatigued by the all-too-keen-to-close salespeople out there. We will help guide you in the best direction for your needs, not ours.

We are happy to share our approach, experiences, and - at the right time - a demo of the system to ensure you are comfortable.

We will define the scope and establish required investment in this stage.


Deeper Understanding

Once you have decided on your solution, we really get under the bonnet of your business processes and understand how you do things.

This is where we ensure nothing is missed and that what works well is not thrown out with the bath water.

It also helps us transition your people from the old to the new way of doing things.

We will provide a detailed scope & assess if anything unexpected has come out of the woodwork. 

Delivering the solution

This is where we take our deep understanding of your business and old data, we will set up the new system, so it works for you (and no longer against you).

We will take the old data and have your new system ready to be trained on and used.

We will have worked with your team to establish the test scenarios to ensure that your system works by proving it.

We will ensure users are trained and comfortable before we let them loose.


Product Support

Once live, users often have queries, require assiatance and need to be reminded of how to use the new software.

These can be stressful times for users - especially those that have been used to using very different systems before.

We ensure they never feel alone. Be that on the phone, over a screen share or by email.

We help the way that best suites you. 

Business Support

Like with any improvement process, it is ongoing.

While some customers have had such a leap in improvement they carry on for years without change. Others really buy into the improvement process, and we'll continue to fine and make incremental changes regularly.

Small bites of improvements quickly add up and is a more common approach.

Find out more by calling us on 03300 882 515 and ask to talk to our team about how our pragmatic advice will help you choose the right solution

We will be happy to hear from you and promise that you will not be hounded by pushy salespeople.
We don't like those kinds of tactics and we don't believe others do either.