Sep 2, 2021 4:30:30 AM by Amit Wason

Helping Loan Management Companies accelerate their growth

Our Loan Management solutions extend how we help the Finance Sector accelerate their business performance with a cost-effective solution that works ‘off the shelf’.

This solution builds on the work we have done with other companies in this broad sector.

Our initial focus is on helping loan management companies refresh their systems so they can move away from hard to manage spreadsheets - and other uncooperative software - and move to a single system.

By doing so, you will immediately gain the benefits of having all your data in one place. Providing easy 'joined up' reporting, workflows, and business insight.

As this solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, all your fundamentals for finance are already in place.

This takes Business Central a step further, by helping you manage an increasing number of customer loans and enabling reporting that delivers meaningful insight and gives your team a welcome leap in productivity.

To give a brief explanation of this Loan management software, please watch this short 2 1/2 minute video.


By having this built into Business Central you keep all the benefits of an auditable, upgradable, and flexible finance solution.

Ensuring all the core aspects of scanning purchase invoices, submitting vat via MTD, managing employee expenses, etc. is all present and correct.

As it is an integrated "all-in-one" system, your reports can be run at a push of a button, no matter what level of summary or detail they are needed in. 

Our solutions empower your team to spend time working with customers and not on managing spreadsheets and meeting reporting demands.

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