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How does Dynamics 365 Business Central help your business?

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I’ve been attending more Networking events recently and have been struggling to describe what Dynamics 365 Business Central does to help a business. Not because it does not do much but for quite the opposite reason; it delivers so many things for so many different businesses, how do you condense that into a 15 to 30 second statement?

What does it deliver?

What I think Business Central delivers is to help organisations get much more done with the resources they have. Particularly when looking at people, time and money. People get more time to do meaningful work with much less data (re)entry across systems. Excel becomes a useful tool – that people have time to use – for presenting insights and understanding the next course of action the business / department / team should make. Besides, Excel is not a data entry solution and should not be a time drain. However, when people have trust in their data, they are instantly more confident talking to customers and responding to queries, delighting customers with instant answers. They no longer need to keep working late to compensate for the time spent doing the tasks that a good solution would do for them.

How does it help?

How does Business Central help do this? The aim of Dynamics 365 Business Central is the same as that of Microsoft, to make everyone more productive. Without getting into the nitty gritty of its deep functionality, it boosts productivity in 5 notable ways:

Get the ideal fit

Microsoft has designed the system to allow solution partners to increase the feature set via ‘ Apps’. These Apps can be created for any user of Business Central that needs that feature set (as shown in the previous link to AppSource) or they can be custom to your needs specifically. Unlike the ‘old days’, having an App (custom or otherwise) does not make your upgrade path more complex.

Be part of the process, wherever you are

Regardless of how you choose to deploy Business Central, be that “On Premise” (on your servers) or the Cloud hosted, you are able to access the system with an internet connection and a web browser and / or Mobile App, Tablet App and within Outlook. Giving all your team access to information wherever they are. They just need an internet connection and they are a part of the business process.

Take control

Driving the “No Code” approach to meeting different business process needs – and built into Dynamics 365 Business Central – is the ability to integrate to Microsoft Flow (create your own Workflows) and display your Power BI Charts. Making the user experience much richer and the user more informed. With PowerApps you can take control and create additional functionality, with or without a partners help.

Joining the dots

With its own set of APIs and the ability to connect to other systems, you can join up key business systems and ensure that all your data is reliably shared across all your team, regardless of where it originated from. This will be made even easier when the Common Data Model  is more widely embedded.

Expand as you grow

With a deep set of features that covers Contacts, Sales, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Finance, Reporting and Employees Business Central can be used in one department (like Finance) or as deeply into your organisation as needed. You can always start with one area and then grow the solution over time. Most importantly, this gives you a low risk approach to turn around the least productive areas of your business and then the next, reducing the risk of ‘big bang’ projects and ensuring your business and team can cope with the change.

Would it be helpful to easily find out more?

If you feel that an area or your organisation could benefit from a boost in productivity. The best way to start is to give us a call. We will can have a chat to understand what your aims are, the challenges you are facing, and any steps you may have already tried to solve them. We love a challenge, so give our friendly team a call and let us see if we can help you get to where you want to be.
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