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Looking to change your Business Central Partner?

Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Breaking up is never easy. However, times come when the relationship between a client and a supplier breaks down. The reasons for this are many and varied. When a relationship has reached this point, there is often very little that can address the situation.

The following are typical examples of why companies have moved across to Cbiz as their Microsoft Dynamics Business Central partner:

• Their current partner does not understand the client’s business and how it works
• The partner is so big that client is a small fish and treated like one
• Upgrades and project work are regularly delayed/running outside agreed budgets
• You cannot get hold of support when you need it
• There are too many people in the chain, slowing down talking to someone that can answer your question
• They are not proactive and do not embrace the cloud

With on-premise software, the ability to move between suppliers can be a difficult transition – not impossible, but the chances are there is a significant amount of customisation we will need to untangle with you. With cloud-based business central, this makes the move to another partner much simpler. This puts the customer in control rather than feeling constrained by the supplier that is not fulfilling their side of a relationship.

How we will help you?

The most important thing for us to do is make sure to understand how your business works and what issues/concerns/fears you have. It is only worth moving if there will be a tangible difference to you after the move.

What is the process for changing partners?

We have supported numerous businesses changing from existing partners to ourselves. We have identified a transparent process that works for all and helps that the process is seamless.

Step 1 – Speak to a member of our team

If you choose to move to Cbiz, we need to understand what services and support you need from us.

Step 2 – Speak to one of our consultants

Once we have a better understanding of the services and support you require from us, we will need to understand a little more about your business. We will need to understand more about your system setups, customisations, and the technologies you are using.

Step 3 – The Migration

Once you have decided to change partners, we will make sure that we migrate your business across without any issues, downtime etc.

Changing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Support Partners – Case Study

The following is an example case study for ARCA who decided to migrate Business Central partners to ourselves.

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