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How Electronic Proof of Delivery Solution Streamlines Multiple Manual Tasks


An electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) system can make delivery and collection processes quicker, smoother and more efficient. CBIZ was asked by Metalliform, a table and chair manufacturer for schools and offices, to help them find a more effective solution to the one they were currently using.

Metalliform’s Previous System

Before implementing the fleXipod (electronic proof of delivery software), Metalliform staff produced delivery and collection notes using their Dynamics System but planned their delivery routes and drop sequences using Excel. This meant that the drivers left the depot with a full van, a printed spreadsheet showing them their route and drops and a pile of delivery/collection notes.

The Problems with the System

The main problem with this was that the Transport team back at Head Office would not hear anything from them until they returned (which could be up to a week later) with either an empty van and a set of signed delivery notes, or items they’d collected or been unable to deliver. Not knowing where the drivers were or how successful the deliveries were was frustrating.

The other major problem was that the warehouse staff were not aware that returned goods were coming in. They didn’t know who they were from, if they were faulty and where they should store them. It also meant that the sales staff had to work their way through the paperwork to raise invoices, credit notes or organise re-delivery dates.

The Proof of Delivery Solution

The Management Team at Metalliform realised that the paper system wasn’t working properly and was creating problems for staff in both the Transport and Sales teams, wasting valuable time they could be spending on other tasks.

We had several discussions with them to come up with a more practical process. We helped them to implement an interface between Dynamics Nav and the fleXipod electronic proof of delivery system from Paragon Software Systems, which is ideal for mobile workforces delivering goods or providing onsite services.

It can be adapted for the operational needs of a business, as its browser-based, central management console allows the management team to create forms and data capture processes specific to their business. The drivers are then able to follow these on their handheld devices.

Implementing an electronic proof of delivery solution gives Metalliform visual tracking of their vans and immediate, real-time notification of successful deliveries and collections with a signature, as well as any other information captured by the driver. If deliveries fail, they receive an immediate notification with a reason code.

Everything can be seen on the central management console and accessed by the Transport and Customer Service teams, including driver locations and breaks and vehicle checklists. It also enables them to contact the driver or customer as soon as they spot a problem and give an estimated delivery time if a customer requests it.

The interface between Dynamics NAV and fleXipod was very easy for us to set up for Metalliform by using the fleXipodiface middleware application, and the passing of data between the two systems was achieved quickly. The majority of our time on the project was spent writing the routines to analyse the results of each drop and automating the posting of the shipment on a sales order via the original warehouse shipment.

We also created planned warehouse receipts, so the staff know an inventory is due to arrive on a returning van and whether it should be placed in the warehouse for re-delivery (if it couldn’t be delivered the first time) or into Quality Control if refused by the customer.

This is key, because if goods are refused or returned, they need to be inspected for damage and a replacement arranged. Undeliverable but undamaged goods are easily scheduled for the next time the driver does the route.

Using the fleXipod proof of delivery system means that the Transport and Customer Service teams at Metalliform can see the progress of each of their delivery teams. Failed deliveries are flagged immediately and the customer is contacted to provide a resolution.

Sales orders are shipped and invoiced on the day of delivery, which is a more time-efficient, productive process. All of this improves customer services and internal processes, making orders and delivery more manageable.

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