Oct 27, 2016 6:00:15 AM by Amit Wason

Collaborate with your team faster with the new “MyPeople” taskbar on Windows 10

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With the plethora of chat and collaboration tools available to us, it can become confusing to pick the right tool to use when you want to send a message or share a file with someone.

Yesterday, at their Windows 10 Creator’s Update announcement, Microsoft also announced a new feature called “MyPeople”, a faster and easier way to communicate and collaborate with your favourite people — directly from your Windows 10 taskbar.


The “MyPeople” feature is a new introduction to Windows 10’s Creators Update

The idea behind MyPeople is to remove the element of how messages are sent, and primarily focus on who you want to send it to. So instead of opening up your email app or Skype, you can simply share a file or send a message directly to that person from your desktop.

Users will be able to send instant messages; drag and drop photos, videos and documents; send and receive “shoulder taps”; as well as view/open emails. MyPeople will work with email, Skype and SMS (using SMS relay from Android/Windows devices), while integrations with Skype for Business will be coming soon.

The Creators Update is coming in spring of 2017, but people participating in the Windows Insider program will be able to try it as early as next week.

With the earlier announcement of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and now Windows 10 Creators Update, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the Microsoft ecosystem. Let us know what you make of the MyPeople update; will it be a welcome feature on your Windows desktop?

Read more about the Windows 10 Creators Update here.

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