Jun 15, 2020 9:31:47 AM by Garry Davis

Checking and Reconciling your VAT in Business Central and Dynamics NAV

Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, FAQ

We know that the flexible VAT setup in Business Central (& Dynamic NAV) is excellent once it is set up and users get familiar with it. However, it can be a complex and daunting set up for those that are not familiar with it. As such, the flexibility can lead to a lack of confidence in the figures suggested by the VAT Statement Report.

The following video (shown in Dynamics 365 Business Central, Wave 1 2020) explains how to gain confidence over those figures and check them back to the Calc & Post VAT Settlement Report as well as the General Ledger Account.

The video goes through:

  • Adding a G/L Check within your VAT Statement
  • Running the Calc & Post VAT Settlement Routine (post = off)
  • Check for post-dated VAT Entries

Note: that this is not a training video on how to setup VAT and VAT Statements in Business Central, but a guide to those with familiarity with its use.

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