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What do we expect?

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Expectations play a large role in implementing an ERP project. And is often the difference between satisfaction or disappointment about the process and getting results

Halfway every ERP project, a substantial transformation takes place. After signing neccessary contracts there is a massive change of people who are directly involved. On the side of the customer, a selection committee leaves the process to the internal project leader and key users. And on the side of providers, pre-sales consultants, sales employees and management leave matters to the implementation team.

Let’s think, what does the newly arrived persons know about the pre-sales process? Because if a smooth transition is not made – we are all in trouble!

In my view, during many ERP projects it is assumed without thinking that new people to projects will understand or have a feeling about what has been agreed on in the pre-sales trajectory. But, without briefing or direction people are just doing their own thing. They bring in their own ideas and expectations, which may clash with previously defined points of reference. Frustration and not being understood is of consequence. In this kind of processes valuable time and energy are lost!

The solution is to be found in a proper kick-off. Where all those involved in the pre-sales trajectory gather together with all those involved who will actually carry out the project. And where issues like scope, task division, time span, effort and where to resort to customisation are prominent points on the agenda.

A kick-off like this requires time. And at Creative Business we make sure that we factor that time into our process so that no one is left out of the loop. We appoint a Project Lead our end and we expect you to do similar. We appoint a “kick off” team, and implementation team and a full support team. All have handovers. And, of course we expect you to do the same.

Without proper handovers in place, the left hand won’t have a clue what the right hand is up to. And this could be the case sometimes externally. But we want to avoid that in your internal operations and certainly when you come to working with us

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