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UPayCard signs with CBIZ to implement Dynamics NAV 2018

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Understanding the Client’s Needs

CBIZ had been approached by UPayCard (the trading name of Moorwand Ltd) to see if we could help them with a business problem. Although we’d had a couple of productive conversations, the whole picture still wasn’t clear, which was how I found myself on a plane to Moldova.

The Finance Director had flown there from France with two of his assistants, so we agreed to meet for dinner for a prelude to our meeting. Over three hours, we were able to discuss where the organisation was and what needed to be done to understand how Dynamics NAV implementation was going to help.

We started our 12-hour workshop straight after breakfast, where I learned more about their challenge: as UPayCard is growing fast, keeping track of the transactions, exchange rates and so on is becoming increasingly difficult.

What UPayCard do

UPayCard is designed for business and personal use, and protects online purchases, as well as allowing secure instant transfer and withdrawal of funds across the globe.

UPayCard’s free e-wallet allows customers to send money to other users in up to 20 currencies, along with a prepaid card which can be used online, instore or to withdraw money from an ATM. They even offer a cryptocurrency facility.

These are also available to business users, but they also get API integration, multiple user and payment options, bank wire transfers and trading, all designed to support companies who work internationally to manage their finances.

As businesses are increasingly online and have clients all over the world, there is a greater reliance on technology and a need for an effective, efficient system to support managing income and expenditure. UPayCard are meeting that requirement, so they needed a platform to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Dynamics NAV

Having had some discussions before I left, I’d already suggested to UPayCard that the best solution CBIZ could provide was Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision). Designed specifically for small and medium businesses, it’s easy to integrate and use, giving real-time data and full control over all aspects of finance.

It uses an interface that’s familiar to anyone who’s used any of Microsoft’s other products, and Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) can be accessed by team members throughout the company and monitored by the senior management, ensuring that relevant data is captured quickly.

Once Nav implementation is complete, it can be used to streamline and automate processes, saving valuable time and allowing you to focus on growth. It’s not just for finance, as it’s ideal for use in customer relationship management, stock control, project management and e-commerce.

As it can be used anywhere and accessed via desktop and app, it seemed like the perfect match for UPayCard. The day-long gave me the opportunity to talk through the features and identify those which would be of most benefit to meet their needs.

Finding the Solution

Working together, the Finance Director, his assistants and I were able to identify the way forward and put in a proposal for UPayCard to sign and agree to an implementation plan.

We set about mapping the processes and how we were going to make this implementation successful, only breaking for lunch and dinner. By the end of the day, a proposal was sent off just before midnight and an agreement was in place by 1am.

The following morning, I was back on the plane to the UK ready to get started on that plan. The workshop took place on the 12th of September, the opening balances have now been loaded and we are on a parallel run until end of October, with the system going live on 1st November.

I feel it’s important to acknowledge how well I was looked after during my trip, as well as the high level of effort, knowledge and dedication from the attendees in the meeting.

It speaks volumes about UPayCard, and I have been nothing but thoroughly impressed with everyone I dealt with.  We are well on our way in making UPayCard another resounding success.

If you would like to know more about CBIZ, please contact us, or if you would like to know more about UPayCard, please visit https://www.UPayCard.com/

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