Oct 11, 2016 12:00:17 PM by Amit Wason

How to deal with month end reporting headaches

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If you are dreading each month end and feel you are drowning in data and spreadsheets, we have some advice.

Many companies rely on using bits of multiple printed reports to get the information they need from ad-hoc linked spreadsheets and slowly extracting data from various disparate systems. Reporting needs to provide meaningful, easily digested and understood information. The time to sift through details and transactions to see trends is now a luxury few managers and directors have.

It is possible to improve your reporting by enabling all your business data in one ‘joined up’ place, allowing you to obtain the information you need to measure your business performance and make quick decisions. Customers and people want everything done faster, and your business needs to respond at that desired pace to maintain / add customers and retain staff.

In this first of two mini blogs about Month end reporting you can learn more about Reporting.

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