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Customising your solution without customising Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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There are several ways to get Business central to “do what you want” and up to now they have all involved customising your Business Central system. It used to be bespoke objects, then more recently easy to apply Extensions and now – with Microsoft PowerSuite – a “no code” solution.

We are excited about the direction this Suite is taking and it is putting a vast amount of power into people’s hands.

Power in your hands

The difference – for now at least – is that this customisation is outside Business Central. So, you extend and tailor your process, not inside Business central. PowerSuite, specifically PowerApp & Flow, have a connector to Business Central so you can work with much of the data that is typical to Business Central.

If you use Office 365 you probably already have the PowerSuite, meaning you are ready to start creating your own solutions and extending the use of Business Central data within your organisation. You just ned to buy the suitable Team Member (or Full User) Licenses for those interacting with the data. Well, and create your PowerApps. This Microsoft video explains what PowerSuite is all about.

Create your own App

PowerApps is really aimed at – but not limited to – tablet and mobile use cases. If you have a field worker, they can use an App you created on their Mobile or Table device (both Android and iOS are supported).

We don’t think these solutions are quite ready for the typical user and it will need a technically minded person in your organisation to take advantage of these solutions.

This video from Ignite 2018 shows how to build a “model driven” App in 10 minutes.

There is a fairly high level (technical) video that explains how to connect to Business Central.


While PowerSuite and the “No Code” movement is aimed to allow companies to create their own solutions without paying a partner to do it for them. Lot of companies love this ability to own their solutions, but don’t have the time to create one from scratch.

This is where we can come in to help. We can take the heavy lifting of creating a new App, and then show your team how it was crated so they can maintain and extend it as requirements change.

If you want to discuss how the PowerSuite, together with Dynamics 365 Business Central, can transform your business and how you look at your business software. Chat or call us on 03300 882 515 to talk to one of our friendly consultants.

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