Nov 29, 2018 2:21:21 PM by Amit Wason

The Simple Satisfaction of Bar Code Devices (Tasklet & Dynamics)

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Recently we went live on Dynamics NAV (Navision) with a customer in the seed industry, this was a tailor fitted solution that let them work they way that they really wanted to. One of the smaller parts of this project was getting the Tasklet Bar Code device up and running so they can speed up the movement of stock – from large pallets to KG bags =between their warehouses and new racking system.

The users were really positive when they were being shown the system and when it came to show the Bar Code devices I could really see the benefit that this wold bring; and the warehouse team took to them really easily and with enthusiasm. They could see the difference it would make to their daily work lives and the accuracy of their whole order to shipment process.

Even though this was the final stage to a much larger project, all the hard work in the back-end Dynamics NAV (Navision) system made this a very fast roll out to the users. We just needed to make a few changes to allow the Lot Number to be the main element scanned (opposed to the Item Number).

By using the Tasklet Mobile WMS solution we were able to have all the Warehouse data and the bar Code devise work in real time. So as soon as a goods are placed from receipts to the Bin Location is it is seen by the pickers (who work from specific screens developed in Dynamics NAV) to be available and they can start to fulfil their orders.

It speeds up their business, lightens the workload for staff and improves accuracy – and only with a few days of effort.

Working with Bar Codes in just one way remote workers can access the information and work with Dynamics when not in an office. ePOD (Sign on Glass) solutions are also available to ensure you can include more of your team and integrate all your data in one place.

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